Korrasami's Admin Application

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Korrasami's Admin Application

Post by Korrasami on Sun Feb 28, 2016 3:58 pm

How old are you? I am 15

How many hours do you have on Garry's Mod? I have 1060

What are you applying for? [Mod, Admin Etc..] I am appying for Admin

Do you have a mic? Yes i have a mic

Do you have any past experience with being staff? Yes

How can you help the server (Min 75 Words)
      I can help the server by enforcing the server rules talking things out with people and showing people who do make mistakes the error of their ways, i can also give fair punishments to any person who breaks the rules based on what they did. Other things i can do to help the server is reason with people wo break the rules and help them so they don't get kicked or banned. Some other things i bring to the table is lots of exeperiance from me staffing onn over 10 servers.

How many hours have you played on DarkmatterRP?
I have played on DarkmatterRp For6-10 hours

Are you mature enough to be apart of the staff team?
I do belive that i am mature enough to be apart of your staff team

Why do you think you have what it takes to be apart of staff?
I have been staff befour and have been known to presuade people to follow the rules

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