The Rules For Darkmatter RP

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The Rules For Darkmatter RP

Post by Admin on Wed Feb 24, 2016 5:15 pm

Building Rules

1.01 Crouch tunnels are not allowed, players must be able to get into the base without crouching.
1.02 Bases must have at least one visible way in.
1.03 Color "No-Collided" props differently compared to others props near them so that it's an obvious entrance.
1.04 You may only prop block while building and NOT having any RP-items [no printers, guns, aka anything steal-able], BUT you must have a sign saying "Building" visible outside of your base.
1.05 Pitch black bases or other similar ones that make perceiving hard are not allowed.
1.06 Fading Doors must be put on Toggle, no auto-closing when keypad cracked
1.07 Keypads must be right next to the fading door they open. You cannot hide them.
1.08 You must have a keypad both in and outside of the fading door, even if the fading door is on toggle-mode.
1.09 You can have maximum of 5 different fading doors in your base. You can have max 3 keypads to get into and max 3 to get out of the base, 2 inside the base for guns and printers.
1.10 You cannot build on the road/side walk, exception for Hobos to build on the side walk.
1.11 You must own all the doors in your base.
1.12 Cannot use certain materials to be able to see through from the one side, and have no visual on the other (not talking about the Metal Fence here!)

2. Roleplaying

2.01 Do not break NLR (New Life Rule), meaning when you die, you forget everything that has happened to you. If you are being raided, you have to wait until the raid is over before returning, if you just got gunned down, you cannot return to that area for 5 minutes, this doesn't count for Government that get called back for a robbery/raid.
2.02 Do not RDM (Random Deathmatch). This means to kill randomly without a valid reason.
2.03 Do not random demote people from their job. This means demoting because you want their job, or dislike them.
2.04 OOC is Out of Character. If someone says something in it you cannot act upon it in-game.
2.05 Do not abuse fading doors. Refrain from quickly closing a fading door with numpad/buttons to prevent entry or opening a fading door to shoot out of it and then quickly closing it.
2.06 Do not exploit any glitch or bugs, report them to an admin immediately.
2.07 Do not prop push, surf, prop climb, prop bridge, prop spam, or any other minge-tastic things.
2.08 Money Printers are always illegal, unless you are the banker. No government job is allowed to print. Exception for the Mayor, as he is above his own laws!
2.09 Guns larger than a pistol are illegal by default, however the mayor can change which guns are and are not illegal, including pistols.
2.10 Use common sense. This does mean no Troll Traits
2.11 Leaving while you are under arrest is ban-able.

3. Chat Rules

3.01 Respect every player in the server. Keep racism, hating, homophobic comments, flaming, and insults to a minimum. Bullying of any kind will not be tolerated.
3.02 Do not use OOC to insult others.
3.03 Do not spam chat.
3.04 Do not use all caps when chatting.
3.05 Do not use advert to contact an admin, talk OOCly, or simply to yell out a fail.
3.06 Use @ to contact an administrator.

4. Raiding

- You may advert raid if you wish to, but you do not have to!
- You can not lock doors after they been picked or close fading doors after being cracked.
- If building is under raid, whole building area turn into Kill on sight (KOS) zone.
- You can not change job during raid.

5. Job-Specific Rules

- The basic working class of the town.
- May own property, live with others, and enjoy life freely.
- May not raid.
- Can defend themself's with small arms.

- The head of the city elected into office by the consensus of your people.
- Make laws for the citizenry of the city. Common laws include banning hobos from streets, or changing which guns are legal.
- May start lotteries if necessary.
- May not be corrupt, though bribes may be taken.
- May not randomly demote cops.

Police Officer, Police Chief, SWAT, SWAT Chief, FBI:
- The law of the city, having the main job be to protect the innocents and arrest the criminals.
- May not be corrupt. May not own money printers or other illegal items.
- Bail must be a minimum of $500. The chief can raise the minimum bail amount or prohibit bail from being taken (no bail).
- May build bases within the police department but should not build outside of it.
- Any printers found must be destroyed with a stunstick, unless you RP a storage room, but taking money from them is prohibited.
- Seeing a printer explode is not Metagaming and is realistic to arrest people within the house where it exploded.
- May not random search, deathmatch, or arrest.
- May not own a personal base.

Gun Dealer/Black Market Dealer/Electronic Dealer:
- Sells big and small arms to anyone for the right price.
- May NOT be part of a gang.
- Must have a store at all times.
- Cannot Be switched to then switch to another job (Self Supply)
- Cannot scam people

Mob Boss:
- The head of crime in the city.
- May set up a base and store stolen goods in it.
- Gangsters/Mafia don't need to follow you, but they can if they choose to.

- Part of the city's underside; a member of organized crime.
- Doesn't need to follow the mob boss's orders.
- May not random deathmatch.
- Changing of job title to rebel, etc., is not a reason to kill cops.
- May raid with the Mob Boss/Micheal Corleone or take others hostage.
- Can also raid alone.

- May steal from anyone.
- May work alone, or with other thieves.
- May have a base.

Security Guard:
- A personal defense expert; protects shops to make money.
- May be hired to guard any shop
- May not raid or steal.
- May not be used for free weaponry.
- Must work together with the Police.
- Listen to their superior (Agent Jensen).

Hobo/Hobo Lord:
- A homeless bum trying to earn money on the streets.
- Gaining money could mean begging, singing, etc.
- Recommended to set up a hobo house on the street.
- May steal, but not kill to steal.
- Spamming the hobo swep's can result in demotion/arrest

Must use the HITMENU
This is used by people pressing, E on you
- A paid assassin; kills targets swiftly and quietly.
- May not be used as an RDM job.
- Must charge $1000 minimum per hit.
- May not take hits such as, Kill all cops!? or Kill everyone!?
- Must kill properly. May not run into a crowd and spray bullets hoping to kill a target.
- Must wait at least 10 minutes before accepting the same target.

Abusing of any ranks will result in demotion and perm ban.


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